Researchers from UP Los Baños have found that copra meal can be a substitute
for 39% corn and 52% soybean oil meal of the feed formulation for pigs. 
Corn and soybean oil meal constitutes a very important  ingredients in the feeds for pigs. However, 10% of the corn and all soybean oil meal needed are imported from other countries thus causing an increase in the price of pork.
Although previous studies requires that feeds for pigs should not contain more
than 20% copra meal, it was further found out that when amino acid is added,
even 40-45% copra meal added as an ingredient for the pig's feed will not show
any adverse effect in the growth as well as in the meat.


It should be assured however, that copra meal is free from aflatoxin content. The
following ingredients needed in the feed formulation are as follows: For growing
copra meal 40.00% or 40.00%
soybeal oil meal 11.70% or 12.00%
yellow corn 41.25% or 41.18%
L-lysine HOL 0.66% or 0.65%
DL-methionine 0.04% or 0.04%
L-threonine 0.13% or —-
DL-tryptophan 0.02% or —-
coconut oil 3.06% or 2.99%
dicalcium phosphate 1.31% or 1.30%
limestone powder 1.08% or 1.09%
antibiotic 0.20% or 0.20%
salt 0.30% or 0.30%
vitamin-mineral premix 0.25% or 0.25%
100.00% 100.00%


Formulation for grown pigs.
soybean meal _____
white corn 53.89%
copra meal 40.00%
L-lysine HCl 0.65%
DL-methionine 0.04%
L-threonine 0.09%
DL-tryptophan 0.03%
coconut oil 2.03%
dicalcium phosphate 1.39%
salt 0.30%
vitamin-mineral premix 0.20%
limestone powder 1.38%
Consult a veterinarian or inquire from feed suppliers on the procedure of mixing the ingredients.


 Source:        Technology (PCARRD), Los Baños Vol. IX, No. 3, 1987


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