Rules on the application of chemical fertilizers

For best result, the
application of the fertilizers must be done in the right way.
To use fertilizer scantily in efforts at thrift only result in
harvest poorer than if no fertilizer had been used.

Manner of applying
fertilizer and lime

A. Lowland

1. Broadcast the recommended
quantity of phosphate with one-half of the nitrogen
fertilizer. Do this before leveling the rice field before
transplanting seedlings.

2. Broadcast the remaining half
of the nitrogen fertilizer three(3) weeks before the flowering
of the play. Do this when the leaves of the play are

3. Dry the field first before
broadcasting the fertilizer. Three days after the
broadcasting, irrigate the field little by little.


B. Upland

1. Broadcast all of the
recommended phosphate fertilizer before planting the

2. Divide the potash into two
parts and the nitrogen into three parts.

3. Mix one part of the potash
to one part nitrogen and broadcast this at the last harrowing
of the field.

4. Mix the half of potash to
one part nitrogen and broadcast four(4) weeks

5. Broadcast the remaining
nitrogen three(3) weeks before flowering.


C. Corn

1. Mix half of the nitrogen to
all of the phosphate and potash fertilizers. Calculate the
amount to be applied for every hill, with the distances of the
plants as guide, or too over all number of hills for every

2. Apply the mixed complete
fertilizer mentioned on top of the furrows where the grains of
corn will be planted.

3. Cover the soil with
fertilizer about two (2) inches deep so that the fertilizer
and the planted grain will not soon meet.

4. Plant the grain on top of
this and cover again with soil.

5. Mix up the remaining
nitrogen fertilizer and equal amount of dry powdered

6. When the plants are
knee-high, put the fertilizer on the hills 3-4 inches away
from the plants.

7. For dry season planting,
apply all the recommended quantity of fertilizer at planting
time, or three (3) weeks after, in the manner


D. Tobacco

1. Mix all recommended nitrogen
fertilizer and potash, divide into two parts.

2. Mix one part with all
necessary phosphate fertilizer.

3. Apply the mixed complete
fertilizer on every hill, 3-4 weeks around the base of each
plant, two weeks after transplanting the seedling. Cover the
fertilizer thinly with soil.

4. Apply the remaining mixed
fertilizer 30 days after the first application.


E. Peanuts

1. Mix up all recommended kinds
and quantity of fertilizers.

2. Apply these on hills and
where the seeds will be planted.

3. Cover the fertilizer with 2
inches of soil and plant on this the grain of peanut. Cover
again with soil.


F. Potatoes

1. Mix up all recommended
amount of superphosphate and Maviate of Potash in one half of
recommend amount of ammonium sulfate.

2. Put the fertilizer on the
hill – three (3) inches at the side and the three (3) inches
below the seedling. Cover the seedling with soil and compact
the soil.

3. Apply the half of the
ammonium sulfate row by row 3-4 inches apart 4-5 weeks after
planting. Cover the fertilizer with 

From: Principles in the
Application of fertilizers

Bureau of Soils JANUARY


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