Product description:
Burong isda is a product from salted fish with fermented rice.

Raw materials:

1 kilo fish (dalag or hito)

2/3 cup salt

3 1/3 cup rice

6 2/3 cup water

angkak (red rice)

Equipment:     Fermenting vessels


1. Preparation of the fish. Remove scales from the fish. Slice from head to tail, clean, wash and drain excess water completely. Salt and cover the fish to prevent flies from laying eggs. Allow to stand for two hours.

2. Preparation of rice. Cook the rice and cool, then blend with angkak to develop a characteristic flavor and to impart an appetite stimulating color. Pack salted fish in a mixture of salt, rice and angkak into a jar. Cover the jar with plastic bag to exclude air. Ferment for 7-10 days.  Fermentation gives a pinkish color to the mixture.

3. Cooking Saute the fermented mixture with garlic and onions. Fish flesh is soft and the originally hard bones becomes tender like a cartilage after it is cooked.
Technology developed by: Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST)


4 Responses to BURONG ISDA

  1. Emily Aranzamendez says:

    ask ko lang po,paano maprepreserve ang buro kung gusto namin siya ibottled?
    balak po namin ibussiness ito.

  2. IgiMaster says:

    I think the longest time to preserved it is only five days even it was bottled. It may preserved longest time by adding some preservatives but the natural taste will compromise.

  3. bags…

    […]BURONG ISDA « Simple Livelihood Technologies[…]…

  4. Shark Vacuum says:

    It’s very effortless to find out any matter on net as compared to textbooks, as I found this post at this website.

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