Raw Materials:
3 liters coconut water   
2-1/4 cups white sugar   
1/4 tsp. yeast   
1 liter mother vinegar (starter)


1. Collect coconut water and strain through a clean cheesecloth.
2. Dissolve the sugar in coconut water.  

3. Pasteurize the mixture for 20 minutes at 65° C.  

4. Cool and transfer the mixture into sterilized gallons or containers.  

5. Add yeast. Cover tightly and allow to ferment kfor 4-7 days.  

6. Slowly decant the alcoholic mixture and heat further for 20 minutes at 65°C. 

7. Add the starter and set aside undisturbed for a month or until maximum acidity is attained.

Source: ITDI (DOST)



  1. muthukkannan .N says:

    Respcted sir / Madam
    warm greetings , the above procedure for viegar production is simple and best to do. I request you to get some deatails about vinegar percentage calculation and alcohol percentage level maintanence and their procedure. sir if possible send to my mail .

    Thanking you

    Yours faithfully

  2. leddie navarro says:

    I really want to have an additional income and i think making vinegar is the best since all kitchens around the world needs it. may i know where to buy or how could i have that mother vinegar?

    thanks and more power

    leddie navarro

  3. says:


    i have source of coconut water in i want to produce vinegar .i need details about this project and machineries needed,urgent

  4. lonmar says:

    i have also a source of coconut water.i want it to produce a coconut water vinegar!can i make a coconut water vinegar without a starter vinegar?or how can i make a starter vinegar?tnx

  5. S.Rino John says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am a B.Tech Food Processing graduate and i am working as a R&D research assistant in one of the coconut oil processing industry.we will be getting nearly 100 litres of coconut water will it be profitable for us to manufacture vinegar from the water.I request you to get some deatails about vinegar percentage calculation and alcohol percentage level maintanence and their procedure and what are all the industries which uses this type of vinegar.?? I have also done a trial using your method. thanks for publishing this simple method.

    Thanking You,
    Yours Truly
    Mr.S.Rino John

  6. I am interested in producing coconut water vinegar, could you help me to know what is this so called mother vinegar?

  7. Raessa Masaganda says:

    I am a student from the Philippines. I am making a study of processing coconut water in to vinegar.I would like to further clarify the Step number 6 and 7 of the Vinegar Production.I hope you’ll response me soon. Thank you.

  8. maxi says:

    Good day.

    This project is very interesting. But I’m not aware about the mother vinegar (starter). Can you send me thru e-mail a pamphlets regarding about the details of the project. Hoping for your response soon.


  9. neil says:

    good day sir,sir i just wanna clarify the steps 6 and 7,my understanding is that after re-pasteurizing the mixture from 4-7 days of fermentation,the last step is you have to cool down the mixture from heating and then add the mother vinegar and set for 1 month or so?am i correct sir?please correct me sir f my understanding is wrong…
    kindly email me your response sir.
    thank you very much sir…
    yours truly,

  10. I like this process….but i want to know how to market this product….wat all the machinaries needed and how much cost i ll need to do this process.sir please help me

  11. Ashly Rajan says:

    How to market this product?and what are its advantages over other methods?I need a clear idea about the method of please help me.

  12. Maria says:

    Regards sir/madam,

  13. Maria says:

    I am carrying out a final year project work on vinegar production from coconut water and I was glad when I saw this article.pls send details to my email about vinegar percentage calculation and alcohol percentage level maintanence and procedure.
    I am also required to produce a rust stain removal using coconut vinegar.Any useful clue on how to go about it from you will be appreciated.
    yours sincerely,

  14. byju says:

    what is the method of prepration mothe vinegor pleas send my email

  15. Bal says:

    I’m interested planning to have a commercial production of vinegar from coconut water. what are the equipments needed to expedite the fermentation process. where i could buy the ph tester to determine the correct acid content. sir please help me.

    thank u

  16. Dear Sir /Madam,
    On interest of production Vinegar I have search many web side. But I thing your procedure is very simple. so
    I want more to know about this procedure. please send to me details.


    Selim Reza

  17. Bert Celera says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am very interested in this kind of projects, more especially of lots of people who are also interested like me.

    I am a coconut plantation owner and every three months we use to harvest coconuts for copra processing and the water from these nuts were just all wasted until I read and discovered this website.

    Can you send me all the data required to to put up this small business of making vinegar from those coconut water.

    My Complete Mailing Address:

    Bert Celera
    21 Danao Street
    Fernandez-Tualla Compount
    Masbate City, Philippines

    Your help is highly appreciated.

    Thanks and more power.

    Sincerely, Bert Celera

  18. antonio coo says:

    i am tony coo i am producing 100 drums (200 litters cap.)of coco water vinegar since 2004 I am willing to guide interested person to produce vinegar in a simple way for free contact me at

  19. Dear Sir/Madam:

    I am also interested in producing Coco Vinegar. Likewise a coconut plantation owner. Am just wondering where I could buy the mother Vinegar or Where I could get it.

    Please ,,If you may I would like to know the proper equipment for commercial production of Coco water Vinegar

    Best regards,
    Arnel Y. Guarina

  20. Ariston De Roxas says:


    It’s truly interesting and quite simple to undertand, but, where can I get this Mother vinegar or how can we make it at the same time.

    please send E-mail about mother vinegar.

    thank you very much, very nice ads.

    Ariston de Roxas

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  22. noelmag says:

    Hi, I have made vinegar following your instructions and it really works. Thanks

  23. Marlone T. Fronteras says:

    Hello, thanks for the posted procedure, I also want to produce vinegar from coconut water, can you please teach me how to produce mother vinegar? please post it here and kindly send it to my email if it pleases you. Thanks a lot and more power to you. my email add: cel.# 09262594968 or 09468521945.

  24. Majalla Jimeno Lee says:

    Hello, thanks for this post.Our family owned a coconut plantation, we harvest them after 45 days for copra processing and the water from these coconut nuts were all just wasted. Can you please teach and send me the procedures or the data required and the machinery needed for processing coco water. And the procedure on how to make mother vinegar? I want to put up a small business using these wasted coco water & it will help me to have an extra email add, cp # 09102739328.
    thanks & more power..

  25. antonio k. coo says:

    majalla jimello lee…procure 2 food grade plastic drum from bakery supplier the privious content is glucose sugar.cut in half the top cover for easy transfer of filtered cocowater which you throw away pre,viousely .buy 9 empty 20 litter capacity container clean it by blanching it w/ hot water use this as your measurement for transfer of filtered cocowater to the 2oo litter capacity drum. add 18 kilos “central”sugar &2o grams bakers yeast which you could buy from bakery supplier.cover w/ katsa . after 15 days scoop out the floating scums. transfer to the next 200 litter drum.again cover w/ katsa .by so doing you introduce air into the solution, the zymace will make the alcoholic solution into vinegar.of course the first time you make your vinegar it will take a little longer ….2 months,….good luck.for more detail info .see me at kaptony

  26. Maria Carin says:

    Hello, i am a concern citizen of my baranggay. my baranggay needs help, to fight poverty. the inhabitans have also thier respective coconut trees, as they earn thier living to gather coo wine, and copras.. but they throw the coconut water away. they dont know how about coconut vinegar. i would like to introduce to them about this coconut water to vinegar, so they have also extra income,. please help me, where we are going to market this coconut water vinegar, or maybe just market the coconut water? i hope that you all can help me.

    thank you very much.

    Respectfully yours


  27. janet says:


  28. Antonio Coo says:


    i am a 3 terms punong brgy.(san jose) city proper iloilo city since being elected in 2002 it was may project of using cocowater which being thrown away(my brgy. is located in front of the terminal market) cocowater if thrown away becomes a pullutant .i acquire info from DOST, the formula is very simple.(25 litter of cocowater plus 5kilo “central” sugar plus i table spoon baker yeast) observe sanitation ,,,,filter the acquire cocowater from the source….ferment it for 5 days .(the solutions becomes coco wine(10% alcohol) the one being called by people in samar &bohol as bahalina.
    transfer the solution to another container, throw away the sediments(these are dead yeast.)cover the container with muslin clouth(catcha)to prevent fruit fly bringing unwanted microbes. of course the first time you do it it will take some times becouse you did not introduce mother vinegar.(but then you will have your very own mother vinegar.maybe 2&1/2 months, the next batch one month na lang . if you are in a hurry see DOST they have a technology to produce vinegar in one week. (why be in a hurry learn the basic first ) besides you will invest a lot of money. if you are interested i can also teach you how to do it.
    My email add is or you can contact me at 09176323326 for more info. if you want to have hands on experience you are welcome to Iloilo.

  29. ummer kutty says:

    It is not clear what is meant by mother vinegar (starter). Please anybody can explain it.

  30. antonio coo says:

    learn the basic do the fermentation first .there are many way how to acuire mather vinegar (1)dont cover your ferment the fruit fly will come visiting.the foot of the fruitfly has vinegar microb( acito bacter microb).this way you will have your very own mother vinegar.mother vinegar is a missnomer it should be vinegar starter

  31. arnold i. baltazar says:

    where can i attend seminar or training on how to make coconut water vinegar? thank you very much hope to hear from you soon

  32. Nonoy lumalang says:

    Hi! Thank you for posting coconut vinegar production. Its very interesting and easy to understand. But I think I need to learn more especially how to produce the mother vinegar. Would it be alright if I ask you to send me also details about vinegar percentage calculation as well as alcohol percentage level maintenance and procedure?

    I would appreciate additional ideas you could provide. Thanks in advance.

    Pls contact me @ 09215161919 or you can email using my address below.

  33. I have gone through the all the explanation how to make coconut water vinegar, but only the problem how to make or get mother starter. Can you reply me to my e-mail? I will be so appreciated to you.

  34. frenie r demafeliz says:

    I want to learn more about this one I have lots resources

  35. antonio coo says:

    We do not need mother vinegar to produce vinegar!producing vinegar is a 2step process. First coco water plus sugar(for every 10 litter of coco water add 1 kilo sugar) add 1 tea spoon of bread yeast wait for 10 days. Then transfer to the next container. The act of transfering the alcoholic solution when transfer incourporate air into the solution the vinegar microb in the atmosphere will just follow to the a month time you have vinegar. I been doing this for 12 years.with 50 drums of vinegar.Mother vinegar i do not need.

  36. […],, […]

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